Clive Booth, DoP


Clive Boothis a photographer and film maker, known for his distinctive style of selective focus in natural, available, continuous and found light which gives his work an artistic, impressionistic, atmospheric, intimate and etherial quality.
He uses a huge array of Canon prime EF lenses which can at times number anything from three to fifteen per shoot depending on the subject matter. Recent commissions include ad campaigns commercials and short films for George Michael, Asus, Intel, House of Amouage, H&M, Ernst & Young, Fiat, Shu Uemura and L’Oreal. His clients include Louis Vuitton, Silhouette Eyewear, MAC Cosmetics and The Mail on Sunday, You magazine. “As an imagemaker I am always asking myself the question. How can I better interpret the way I see and feel about the world around me and then communicate that to an audience? It sounds simple and yet it’s possibly one of the most challenging aspects of photography and film. What occupies the space between us and our subjects is of critical importance and it is this which becomes our paintbrush, pen and voice”.

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