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Welcome at Aspectra. We are a total solution partner for the professional videographer. We offer a wide range of camera accessories and protection gear by combining distribution brands with a number of products developed by our in-house professionals.

Aspectra was established as Alphatron Broadcast Electronics in 1986 in the Netherlands. It was a division of the Alphatron Group, that started their activities back in 1979 as a supplier of hi-tech systems and components. Initially Alphatron Broadcast was engaged in local distribution of broadcast equipment. In addition we acted as a system integrator of editing suites, monitoring systems, transmission rooms and automated play-out installations in Europe and Middle East.

Over the years the Alphatron group of companies grew into an international operation, spread across four continents with nearly 300 employees. For us this created an opportunity for exploring the business in Europe, Asia, Middle East and the USA.

During the last 15 years we established our company as an international distributor of camera accessories and other professional film/video related products. Besides marketing our own brand camRade, offering protective camera bags and covers, we are worldwide distributor of Zunow conversion lenses and TRIAD quick release camera plates. In 2012 we released the Alphatron Electronic Viewfinder EVF-035W-3G for the high-end film & video market in close cooperation with TVLogic co. Ltd, which was a worldwide success.

The future, Aspectra
After a partial management buy-out in December 2015, Alphatron Broadcast Electronics changed their name per 22 August 2016 to Aspectra. This name-change follows an agreement with the Alphatron Group to continue as a separate company under a new name. After a period of more than thirty years being together, the time was right for a separation that will secure the future of the company.

The name may have changed but the people behind the company will remain the same; ensuring a continuation of the performance, service standard and passion for the broadcast and film industry that you have come to expect.