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Geoff Boyle is a cinematographer. He got his first camera, a Brownie 127, when he was eight years old. From then on his career was clear.  “I went through a range of cameras getting better every time. I don’t think my father expected me to manage to make my half when he offered to pay half of the cost of a Leica IIIF red dial that I’d found if I saved the other half. There was no harder working part time salesman that year. I sold more suits, shirts, ties and so on on commission than you can imagine and not only managed half the cost of the camera but half the 35mm and 85mm lenses as well”!

After art school in the late sixties Geoff worked as a stills assistant, where he worked mainly in fashion and advertising and then as a stills photographer specialising in music. One day he was asked if he knew anyone who could film a concert. Of course he did.

“I moved to film completely and shot first news spending time on the West Bank and in Lebanon & Kashmir, then documentaries for TV, 10 years or so of 20/20 for ABC and operated on an awful lot of music promos. I always wish I could say A-Z but can only manage B-Z Bowie to Zepplin”.

In 1985 Geoff was shooting a documentary about the making of the Pirelli calendar. It was being photographed by Terence Donovan who liked the way he lit and asked if he shot commercials…………. “I then shot everything from political commercials for Margaret Thatcher to music videos for Robert Palmer, Rod Stewart, The Pet Shop Boys, Liza Minelli and of course commercials for BMW, BA, Pepsi, Coke, L’Oréal, and just about every major brand you can name”.

After concentrating on commercials for 20 years. Geoff started to shoot more drama. His first major motion picture is Mutant Chronicles which he spent from May to October 2006 working on, shooting main unit and then model and second unit. He followed that with more films, the highlights for Geoff were:

Dark Country in 3D with Thomas Jane both directing and starring.

Streetfighter: The Legend of Chun-Li in Thailand a more conventional action film with numerous 35mm 3perf cameras.

Wallander followed in Sweden.

Most recently a couple of films with Dominic Brunt ‘Bait’& ‘Attack of the Adult babies’

Geoff has also been teaching workshops in Digital Cinema and ACES in between shooting and have now taught in Amsterdam, Bangkok, Hannover, London, Manchester, Munich, Toronto, Singapore, Rockport, LA, New York and Chicago with LA again in December and a wide ranging Australasian tour that included Australia, NZ, Singapore & Sri Lanka.

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“Information Versus Knowledge and Perception versus Measurement” by Geoff Boyle and “Natural Key Light, New approaches and thoughts for lighting in the digital age of cinematography” by Jakob Ballinger. Geoff Boyle He started as a stills assistant in fashion & advertising in 1970, moving into moving images in 1973. After shooting news, documentaries and music […]

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Op het AV Festival staat een professionele filmset waar drie bekende Nederlandse regisseurs een korte film draaien. Het publiek kan bij het hele proces aanwezig zijn.

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